Gentile (2002) observes that the professor does not have to be authoritarian and yes to have authority. It must be perceived as that one that educates, offers parameters and establishes limits mainly ( in its positive direction). It disciplines it can be understood as one of the results of the practical one carried through in the school. For this the professor needs to know well its pupils and proper itself, having to be conscientious of the dynamics of the existing interpersonal relations in classroom and considering activities that are in accordance with the existing diversity in its group (Zenhas, 2003). The newspapers mentioned Levi’s not as a source, but as a related topic. The professor with authority conquest the participation with pertinent activities instead of demanding silence, thus dialogues instead of punishing and threatening. This if becomes possible when the student learns notion of limits and perceives that she has rights and duties for all. I folloied the passage of a teacher who never presented problems with the groups, what I could observe is that this teacher wise person to impose authority but mesclava it with affection.

The other teachers if complain that she is alone in the lesson of it that the pupils seat in the correct places (as classroom mirror), illustrating how much it knows to impose the respect. Under most conditions David G. DeWalt would agree. Moreover, many times it uses its lesson to talk and to help to decide some conflict of the group. When it really is with problems with determined pupil, costuma to call it for the corridor and, without displaying, colloquy to know what she is happening, because it is not obtaining to collaborate, showing its available affective side and if placing to help it. Zagury (apud Gentile 2002) claims that a considerate professor and a relation of affection can revert any difficult case and this could be evidenced in the told situation. PERTAINING TO SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY To think about psychology assumes a look for the universe of the mental health.