In its interior, the national currencies, would be substituted by a communitarian, emitted and controlled verge for a central banking supranational. With this, the exchange fluctuations would disappear that continue to individualizar the national economies of a common market. The borders politics would lose and any meaning all economic. (MAGNOLI, 1997, P. 46).

The idea of the Economic and monetary Union consists of eliminating the last impediment for the full functioning of the common market, hindering the governments to favor the national companies through the manipulation of the taxes of interests, that influence the exchange taxes directly. The ATTEMPTS OF ECONOMIC INTEGRATION IN LATIN AMERICA the first attempt of Latin American integration if must to the effort of Simn Bolivar. This descendant of Spaniard of Caracas desired a Latin America joined and exempts. However the diversity of situations and the game of interests had cut into pieces it in some countries. When Bolivar convoked the Congress of Panama, in 1826, already he was worried about the deep foreign influence, over all of England and the United States, in Latin America. Made it difficult or exactly hindered for the main American nations, Bolivar attended disappointed and impotent to empty its project of South American integration.

In the following decades to the Congress of Panama, unfruitful nationalistic movements had occurred. The borders had started to move themselves not in the direction of the integration, but yes of the interests of domination of the countries most powerful. Innumerable wars, sponsored for distant interests, had provoked bigger distanciamentos between the Latin American countries. Thus &#039 can be perceived that; ' since this time the unit of America configured a problem of geopolitical and economic order. The integration projects had become subjects of the external diplomacy of the States soberanos' '. (MAGNOLI and ARAJO, 1998, P. 17). With the sprouting of the European Common Market, in 1950, Latin America if to see in the necessity to search ways for the concretion of the economic integration in the region.