Antonio Carlos

does not have limit for the spheres of the knowledge that can in such a way be had access by the producer of the text, how much for its receiver. This means that intertexto is not only on to data social, cultural or educational aspect, being this existing of forceful form in the formation and development of the criticidade of the readers. FINAL CONSIDERAES Inside of the culture scholar notify that the use of the reading and the writing is on directly in all the actions human beings, intra and extra exactly personal, in the simplest and more complex relation human being, it will use its knowledge ahead scholars for its full communication and until proper position to the other. Being that the approach of the present project is the point that binds these processes: reading and writing and where they become involved themselves. Levi’s often says this. One knows that we read what it is written and we write leaving of previous readings that serve of base for what he is being argued, are to think and to interpret what the other says it about definitive subject, to assimilate it and of this to initiate the construction of the thoughts and the texts, that stops being read and accepted they will need to be correlated to others and plus other texts.

It is to salutar to stand out the interaction enters the reading compromised on the part of the readers, focusing the reading however made and understood for the sprouting of one another text, creating itself thus a gamma of predispositions for this text that will have for base one another text that foments the production literal. Ahead of the displayed one, it is glimpsed that all process of reading is envolto to the writing process and vice versa, of direct form, both the processes despertam interest of form deepenings that will not be being been letrando and nor being inserted. The intertextualidade is arraigada to both the actions of reading and production, since so that a text is produced the author if uses of others for its production and thus a great intertextual net becomes. If you would like to know more about Vladislav Doronin miami, then click here.