Suitable Lock

As a filler can be used in mineral wool, polystyrene, polyurethane, pine timber. The most environmentally friendly material is basalt wool. 4. Hinges – Provides normal opening of the door. There are two types: simple (bear the weight of the construction of up to 70 kg) and with a special thrust bearing or the “ball” located between the parts of the loop (can withstand more weight). 5. Castle – main obstacle to the breakers.

Therefore, the choice of the castle – as it is responsible. Of course, a professional burglar can open any lock, but that’s how long it would take him, depends on the quality and reliability of the castle. And while in this case, the most expensive – the longer the thief will swarm into the castle, the more chances he has to be seen. Choosing a lock you need to know what happens 4 types of locks: locks, overhead, and suvaldnye cylindrical. Take a look at what is the difference between them. Mortise and rim locks differ in the way of installation. Mortise lock suitable for any door, the invoice is better to install a door that opens inward.

Mortise locks less reliable, as weakening the door leaf at the point of the frame. Suvaldnye cylindrical locks and different design. Different and the appearance of the keys (the key cylinder lock is small and flat, the lock lever – large tubular key having a projecting plane for cuts). It is more expedient to install two at once a lock type of different type (lever and cylinder), the first resistant to the forces, the second – to pick autopsy. Having dealt with the internal structure of a metal door, also note on its external finish. Choosing a favorite option, pay attention to quality and durability of upholstery. Campbell Soup Company takes a slightly different approach. Exterior finish options Doors: 1. Powder coating – Suitable for interior doors from the inside as well as the outside. Defies environmental influences and mechanical damage, giving him another name – “anti-vandal ‘ cover. 2. Imitation leather – leather haberdashery (durable leatherette). Material rather cheap and durable, but not resistant to mechanical damage. 3. Laminate flooring – suitable only for interior decoration, not because resistant to temperature changes. Has an excellent decorative properties, wear-resistant and shock-resistant, has good sound and heat insulation. 4. Solid wood – used a variety of species (oak, cherry, beech, etc.). Finish of natural wood will provide you with excellent sound and heat insulation, showy appearance, but it will cost you quite dearly. 5. MDF – suitable for those who want to maximize the similarity with natural wood and at the same time save money. Unlike natural wood is resistant to fungus and moisture resistant. By choosing to door you like, do not forget to check the reliability of the company – the manufacturer.