United States Tax

Persons residing in the United States, are required to file a return and pay federal taxes if they receive income such as salaries, income from self-employment, tips among others. Although there are some exceptions, it is convenient to advise very well, because there are penalties for those who fail to do so being forced to do so. For many taxpayers file a federal tax return is friendly although they are not legally bound to do so. This may be the case of taxpayers who need to claim a tax refund since only through the presentation of the Declaration is possible to apply for it. KDP has much experience in this field. Also the tax return may be helpful to check the time that has resided in the United States, especially for those with immigration processes; also for those who wish to apply for medical assistance, education or others, the submission of the tax return may be helpful already that through tax declaration is You can check the annual income of the applicant. The obligation to pay taxes not is determined by the immigration status of the taxpayer, but rather, your income, your marital status and other circumstances. For more information on this topic visit me on or on the IRS Web site:. Original author and source of the article. Chip Berghs opinions are not widely known.