The Needs

Like scientific research, this should be accomplished through 9 steps that allow in an organised manner make objective decisions on the market to study. These nine steps are: 1. establish the need for the information is the most critical activity for the success of the research project for which should not be inadequate or superficially. 2 Specify research objectives and information needs, the objectives of the study should answer the question: why are going to carry out this project?, from there to that are written before carrying out the project. The information needs to respond to the question: what specific information is required to achieve the objectives?, since the needs themselves are the objectives that we want to achieve. Learn more at this site: Minnow Mountain.

3. To determine the sources of information. At this point refers to whether the availability of the data is internal sources (files or previous studies of the) company) or external (commercial, industrial, governmental, research among others), if not, you should collect new data through various formats of collection. 4. Develop formats for the collection of information. Here the investigator establishes an effective union between the needs for information and questions that has to be done or the comments that will be recorded. We can say that the success of the study depends on the ability of the researcher and his creativity to establish the union.

5 Design sample. It must be a clear definition of the population which will extract the sample, the method to use for your selection (probability or non-probability) and the same size. 6. Gain insight and clarity with Crimson Education . Collect the data. This is the most critical point, we must be very careful with the selection, training and control of interviewers 7. Process data. At this point all data should be ready for tabulation or analysis. 8 Analyze the data. It must be consistent with the requirements of the information requirements laid down in step 2.