The Instructor

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m Mexican and in no way malinchista, just want to vouch for my remarks. At the end the first day I noticed some of the themes that were planned were not covered in the training and thought that probably they would cover the second day, however, it was not so, directors resorted to a clipping of the scope of your project and to sacrifice the quality of some deliverables to meet the constraint of time that they themselves caused. Not has something like spent them in their projects? The second day of training, near the end of the day I went to the instructor from England who seemed concerned and asked that it happened and desperate told me that the previous month they gave that same course in Jamaica and that he could not understand why in Mexico things took much longer. More than concentrate on the effectiveness of the speakers or in criticizing their practices I want to concentrate on the theme of time. Many times I have attended conferences which speaks of time management, we ourselves have used the term which, in the end, is a wrong term. It is not an intangible that we cannot stop or put more here and less there can manage time, is. What we can do is manage our activities over time, manage ourselves.

When it is delegated the responsibility of being the leader of the project, automatically we are delegating responsibility for various aspects, but one of the most important is the time. The leader of projects need to be punctual, is one of their flags, one of their weapons, is one of their responsibilities and one of the factors by which it is graded. I do not see a project leader arriving late to a meeting or coming late out of a Board. I do not see a project leader by losing time to his team in long, poorly planned or arriving together.