The Individual

Any cheap folders can already lead to the cancellation. Furthermore the paper neither colour, be stained or veiling. Best white high-quality 100-gram paper, with which you can gain advantages already suitable for it. And ultimately must be the order of the documents, the resulting from the curriculum vitae results. Is submitted the application by E-Mail, must be, that a legitimate email address is specified and that sends the documents in a single PDF file in the annex are. The letter can be sent separately. Individual letter writing to is the heart of every application and must be formulated so carefully, meaningful and compelling. It has the task to make curious about the personal to the applicant, to invite him to the interview.

Standard phrases, phrases and negative statements have lost nothing in the letter. Also, Konjunktive must be avoided to shine with self-confidence. The cover letter is no repeat of the CV, but a document aligned to the coming tasks and challenges. It must be perfectly optimized on the job and the company. Cover letter that can be sent with the smallest changes to many different companies, by the HR as mass “stamped and are a main reason for cancellation. Complete and meaningful curriculum vitae the curriculum vitae is the central document of the application. In this, the applicants must represent his professional and personal career very clearly and consistently. These include also the vocational training, studies and education as well as training and qualification measures, language and IT skills and ultimately activities and information on driving licences.

All periods must be month and year documented his and although no blockage. This means that even periods of unemployment, illness, family time or longer holidays should not be missed. Otherwise the HR itself can interpret something in existing gaps, because he says, the candidate has something to hide. Also all the main activities it has carried out in the individual companies belong to the meaningful curriculum vitae.