The Errors

Psicopedagogo is suggested aoprofessor together with organizaremturmas for the work in group, joining pupils who learn with easiness and pupils who present learning difficulties therefore children who understand its languages can function as professors ones of the others. A guide for a psicopedaggica listening considers itself: to listen, to look at, it are lingered in the breakings of the speech, to observe and to relate with what it happened previously to the breaking, to discover the project of underlying action, that is, searchs it repetition of the action projects, and to interpret the operation more than what the content. It is inquired that the psicopedagogia uses the terms ' ' ensinantes and aprendentes' ' to call the educative pair that comumente we know for professor and pupil. It is thought that for the psicopedagogia these papers alternate the entire time, about the process I teach learning seen for the psicopedagogia also is learned on us, on our form to teach, in which, the other serves in them of mirror. It is desired as all professor to want that the pupils always make right, but must be acquired a new to look at on the error in the learning, is studied that the error is a pointer of as the pupil is thinking and as it understood what he was taught. It is analyzed with well-taken care of the errors of pupils, can themselves be elaborated the reformularization and practical professors in way that they are close to the necessity pupils and to take care of to them the difficulties that the same present.

Importance is based it that the professor reflects on the causes of the failure pertaining to school does not stop if blaming, but to make responsible. To make responsible means to hug the cause and to look alternatives to solve the problem. It is looked to understand as the knowledge occurs, the ones that intervene with the learning, its different periods of training, and the different theories that can transform the work of the professor into scientific process and thus it will cover the practical way practical theory.