The Carbohydrate

Potatoes, rice or oatmeal, which we also so love to eat are, however, slowly decomposing in the intestine and decomposed into glucose. Therefore the guys in the Forum or in the Studio so are always talking about long and short carbohydrates and fast and slow digestion. The metabolism of carbohydrates if we now apply to our six pack training, those we know why this lead to glucose during, or after the training is so important. We begin yet again front: food contains sugar–> sugar is transported in the blood–> blood sugar in the muscle–> muscle it is stored in the glycogen and used under load as a source of energy. Also, we have learned that different food longer and soon contained carbohydrates.

Depending on the carbohydrate is now shorter, the faster it goes from the stomach into the intestine, from the intestine into the blood from the blood into the Bussau of the muscles, where it is used for new energy for harder and more intense training. I am currently really no short carbohydrates to me. All necessary carbohydrates which I guess to me, come from high-quality sources such as white rice, potatoes and other vegetables. Sounds like everything great! So every day Training and so much short carbohydrates as possible: So it is not easy then again. It leads to a large lot just sugar with small amounts of sweets or other products.

You take so much simple sugar to you, that the Bussau are full and yet more glycogen available than the body needs, the body thinks as a precaution! The body they don’t waste energy, but stores them with the help of several chemical processes as fat deposits. We now know summary what are carbohydrates, how they are taken up and used in the body and what happens when we take on too many carbohydrates. We now have the opportunity to incorporate the collected basic knowledge in our daily lives and to adjust our diet.