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All cosmetics and dietary supplements are freshly created in short intervals and shipped directly to the consumer. Facts and figures: corporate form: GmbH Foundation: 1996 headquarters: A-8230 Hartberg, Schildbach 51 management: Andreas Wilfinger employees: 1500 free distributor in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy industry: natural cosmetics, nutritional supplements sales partner concept and remuneration system: entry fees: these are with 49,-and an extensive Starter package incredibly cheap. Are included in the starter package: manual distribution system manual for (the free Internet portal for resellers) vouchers for seminars, one overnight stay for the base tag, and accessories all forms that facilitate the flow of distribution partner activities. Build your sales partners Income on three pillars: commissions from sales through direct sales to customers commissions from the sales of the structured distribution of partner share in revenue between 1 and 5% of the entire turnover of the own sales partner teams (when reaching predefined target levels) there are no incentives such as a company car, etc. The independent sales partners are supported by free or inexpensive advertising materials, free or low-cost product training and marketing seminars, fair cost sharing and Commission goods, an own website with a Web shop, a free telephone hotline and the direct shipping of items purchased at the customer. Service and customer service: Customer service: free support hotline Ringana carries credit card fees direct to the customer, Porto is an open house for customer visit recycling action (merchandise credit against returned glass packaging) advantage customer concept (for those who earn no money (order value of 60,-) want want to get but cheaper or even free merchandise.) Service on the Distributor: cheap entry cost free entry (any year, licensing or settlement fees) free hotline free promotional materials free part name (administrative, billing, and order tool for distributors) advantage customer concept booth promoting free to low-cost seminars Effektife direct marketing at the customer without load (time and financially) for the sales partner acquisition expenses and risks (reminders, shady risk) cost-effective distribution partner Web site with its own domain name and connected Web shop perspectives? Well, yes – there are to say a lot of things.

We have made a lot of things! Strong growth and pan-European expansion! Expansion of the sales partner network! 10,000 independent distributors up to the year 2012! Serious and achievable goals – as befits a small Austrian company, by which I mean professional but also my private future still want to link more closely! And to achieve my personal goals, I would like to here anyone, who is interested in direct sales, MLM and network marketing. I’m looking for people who can imagine it with beauty and health with the secret, freshness, to want to be successful. For further information and questions, I’m gladly available.Like I let product information to you. With best regards Andreas Brown contact Andreas Braun independent Ringana sales partner D-24148 KIEL Selenter Road 9 phone + 49 431 (0) 23764630 E:

Printus Group Crack

Number of employees grows a new turnover record on over 1,000 Offenburg group of Printus announced for the fiscal year. The specialist sales of office supplies has a turnover of over 500 million euros in 2012 for the first time. Also the number of employees has increased significantly in the course of company growth. Over 1,000 people in the Group were employed at the end of the year 2012. The company expanded its business activities since many years leader in the shipping trade of office supplies in Germany and Austria, last year. With the mail-order retailers Saalfrank (formerly source group) and Aletsch, two companies were taken over, which are market leaders in their industry.

Both companies distribute custom printed promotional items such as pens, folding rules and lighters, but also high-quality gifts for special occasions, to commercial customers. The two mail-order companies complement perfectly, our goods and services so that we significant synergies expect”, as owner of the company Hans R. Schmid. Printus invested heavily in the two new acquisitions and plans a turnover doubling in two companies in the medium term. In its core business with the shipment of office supplies, the Printus Group achieved 2012 also further growth. The Printus Group serves over 2 million mostly small and medium-sized businesses in Germany and Austria. The product range includes more than 27,000 articles by the pencil of ink cartridges and toners for printers and copiers to the full establishment of the Office. Specialized whether Consumables such as copy paper and folder or latest computer technology such as Smartphones and tablet computers for over 35 years is the Printus Group on the shipment of office supplies of whatsoever.

On peak days, over 40,000 packages of Offenburg in will be sent. The Printus catalog includes over 650 pages and has become the reference for many traders in it. In the past ten years, the Internet has become an important sales factor. With over 15 different online shops that has Printus Group built up a significant Internet presence. In addition to the huge product range at very attractive prices Printus sees his uncompromising customer orientation”as a decisive factor for its leading position in the market. Exclusively branded and quality tested products are offered. Over 99% of articles are always in stock. Thus, it is ensured that nearly 100 percent of customer orders are shipped completely on the day of the order and arrive the following day at the customer. Contact: Printus GmbH Armin Burgert Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 1 77656 Offenburg phone: 0781/607-855 fax: 0781/607-643-email:

United States

A company-wide uniform, local and cross-departmental costing FACTON enables highest transparency in cost. FACTON combines the business view on the products with the technical perspective of the engineers. The costs of complex products can be checked as early and throughout all phases of the product life cycle. With FACTON companies accelerate their cost calculation and achieve a high accuracy of costs. FASEB Journal often says this. FACTON GmbH is the provider of the software for the enterprise product costing. The company was founded in 1998 and is in the locations of Dresden, Potsdam and Represented Detroit (United States). Since 2006 supported the innovative company by Hasso Plattner, the founder and Chairman of the Board of SAP AG.

Target industry is the automotive industry. The customers include include Airbus, Behr, Magna Powertrain, MANN + HUMMEL, Porsche and Siemens. FACTON aims together with leading consulting firms and research institutions, to establish a uniform standard in the cost management. “” About the election to the cool vendor “by Gartner created cool vendor research report” is not a complete collection of companies in various fields of technology, but to highlight interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services. For the present study, Gartner acquires neither express or implied guarantee or a warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. “With cool vendor” Gartner company, referred to the technologies or solutions offered, that are innovative, effective, and exceptional; the allow what was previously impossible; a positive effect on the business or to have (and will are not technology to the technology); the Gartner have interest in the last six months. Press Contact Julia Hisge MacLeod pr Tel: + 49 (0) 221 80 10 87-90 E-mail: Web:

Mario Ohoven Contradicts Angela Merkel

Lower taxes and rehabilitate public finances goes but the Germans can look forward Bonn/Dusseldorf on tax cuts but only as of 2009. And even then only if the SPD and Union really keep their election promises. Everyone feels it: A relief of the citizens and businesses is long overdue. The Center waiting for relief”, writes Mario Ohoven in the trade service issued by him success. The reduction of the national debt should not abandoning therefore. Ohoven contradicts the Chancellor, which emphasizes lowering taxes and rehabilitate public finances at the same time go. The tax revenue of the State to 91 billion euros have increased between 2004 and 2007.

The income of persons in employment increased during the same period only 18 billion euros”, writes the Dusseldorf business expert. The excesses of this system were absurd. A nurse about their earning will rise in the next five years to each of three percent gross, has at the end according to calculation by experts NET less. Her salary increases though during this period to 15.9 percent, but the tax burden by 30.6 percent. After deducting inflation, you stay alive less than before but at the State land plus a lush.

“Overall, the rule of thumb is: increase wages by one percent, growing revenue by two percent”, so Ohoven. “He advertises, in the success that the so-called cold progression” will be abolished. “That is, that the supposedly friendly linear-progressive tax scale in any wage increase and it serves the State as the winner, only the compensation for inflation the good employees” taxpayers, however, is the loser. In the 1950s you had to already have 20 times the average income, to reach the top tax rate. Today enough for the 1.3 times. Ohovens proposal: the marginal tax rates should not exceed 15 percent, the tariff kink at the bottom must disappear, the entire course of the tariff is lower. The top tax should only from an annual salary amounting to 60,000 Euro apply. In addition the author considers it desirable, as in other countries also a tariff on wheels”to create, which ensures regular adjustment of the tax tariff on the course of inflation. In the long run this also contributes to the consolidation of public finances. Because the economy in motion, comes bubbling also revenue. “Also, anything goes: cut spending!” By Paul Humberg