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But somehow I tend to think that many Students choose a method of distance learning for another reason. This method consists in assigning full responsibility for the learning curriculum for students. It can independently undergo the training program time convenient to him as exempt from compulsory attendance of training hours, directly at the institution. So, I'm inclined to believe that many students choose the method of distance learning because of its Comfort. Judge for yourself: why come in the time and listen to the lecturer, when you can access the material themselves? After all, all have different perceptions and the rate of assimilation of the material. In addition, communication with teacher is not lost and can regularly access it.

Under these conditions, you can develop your personal training program, taking into account its own characteristics as a learner. We live in the information age and the number of opportunities to communicate with friends, family, and the same teachers are increasing. Not necessarily overcome the long distances to obtain advice or training material. Computer and Internet facilitate the transfer of expertise, teaching materials at distances around the globe. Many more, of course, all these new-fangled trend will seem wild and unnatural. Many more will be part of all these possibilities, prefer something traditional, well-established and familiar.

This is a question of human thinking and its lifestyle. People of this kind begin to move toward open only when these people start to take backward. However, the most successful, motivated and educated people are always able to find a way out, which will allow them to use all the features of modern discoveries. People of this kind are called pioneers. They are most active, successful and insightful. They seek out new trends even at the time of their inception. Pioneers stand at the top of the key areas in which many other people draws in just a few years. The future for distance learning. This method to students are much more profitable and efficient. Students in distance learning is not required to pay extra for the rental of buildings and rooms for lectures. Students do not have to bear the transportation costs. Y successful people busy schedule of life and for this reason, they need flexible schedules in the learning process. It is for these reasons, the School of Casanova has been operating in remote mode and uses the correspondence form educational process.