Craig Country

" Craig, an employee of Microsoft, who moved from Seattle to Paris, gives this advice: 'Do not live expectations. For example, in France, totally foreign to me phenomenon was socialism. I had no idea that people have the right to permanently organize the strike. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Levi’s. If on arrival in the country of the mind will be like a clean slate, it will be easier to accept differences. " To understand and accept a new understanding of the country – this is your project. And they need to work on time. "Be curious, – said Vladimir Filin of the Moscow-based Vision Relocation Services.

– Be interested in Russian culture and the question of why this is the case, and not otherwise. " But that advises Marie Byrne, a French expert in viticulture, working in Hong Kong: 'Wherever you go, constantly absorb information. Watch the people. Stop looking down on others, learn their logic and value. For example, if you are observant in the Hong Kong tram, you'll notice that passengers pay fare when you exit out of it. " Meeting new people, interrogates them about the peculiarities of local life and ask for advice, but do not cry about their own troubles.

Of course, in a new country you will not soon become familiar with the rules of behavior in society. But, having become acquainted with the local way of life, you begin to better understand the locals and they will treat you better. 'One American from New York, the first six weeks of work in the office, without even knowing it, very rude to communicate with all employees.