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Here I invite you to talk with God, but not in son’s complaint, get close to him as the father and friend. Tell him to show you what you have to do in your life. Remember Psalm 32: 8 I will make you understand and teach you straight 2. Guard your heart. The Bible teaches that life emanates from the heart. What’s in my heart? What you listen to most? What I see more? What is what most think? Thing that I hear, see or think is going to have much influence on my life and my attitude. A person who is exposed to bad news of insurance your mind, your emotions, his words and his body will be negatively affected. Beware of what you see or hear.

Especially beware of the complaint, we are very prone to complain and that comes from Adam who was the first who complained before God. When you complain you assume no responsibility and you become in the victim. And I tell you that no complaints like God, can not help people who assume responsibility for life. Caring for the heart is healthy for our life. Because of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Matthew 12: 34). If my heart is well I enjoy most in life! 3 Smile to life. When we become adults we become too serious for our own good, we laughed very little. It has said that children laugh about 400 times a day and adults only laugh 15 times a day.

Like children and laugh life need us. A study from Loma Linda University in California found that laughing changes blood chemistry, protects the body against disease and depression, as well as that stops the heart disease. On the other hand an Indiana University study revealed that laughter relaxes tense muscles, reduces the production of hormones that cause stress, lowers blood pressure, and helps to increase the absorption of oxygen in the blood. It also helps to burn calories because that we mobilise some 400 muscles of the body. The benefits of laughter are incredible. When was the last time you laughed? Perhaps you have time without laugh and today is a good day to return to laugh. And to laugh you must ask yourself what amuses me? What makes me laugh? What is it that puts a smile on my face? What me da pleasure? Once you identify it ask yourself that you need and then establishes the steps to achieve what you’re looking for. Likely to need the help of a coach to concentrate on the positive things in your life and regain the smile and the joy of living. The cheerful heart is good medicine, (Proverbs 17: 22) it’s time to laugh, and for this reason I invite you to go against the mirror and watching you for three minutes to laugh at yourself and look your best smile. At the end of laugh will find all persons to your around, your family and your work and are going to give your best smile, must be natural and spontaneous. The cheerful heart beautifies the face; (Proverbs 15: 13) through these 3 steps well simple you can recover the joy of your life and if you still need assistance let us contact us. Our purpose is that you can enjoy life to the Max, the life that Dios designed for you. If you are joy always be strong.

National Constituent Assembly

When he rang the doorbell at the 1: 00 in the morning, Emilio was still on his cot in the room next to the kitchen replacing the dream lost the previous night when he led a program of 12 hours alluding to the day of the candles and to the Immaculate Conception. Three years earlier he had come to la Guajira from his hometown Valledupar in order to work as an announcer and news reader at Radio Peninsula, CA that Bosque on the dials of the border with new vigor after two years of inactivity. The station was located in an apartment whose rooms, halls, canteens and closet, were specially fitted. The main room housed the cabin speaker and control; in the room was installed the reception and table, with typewriters of journalists; in another room was placed the general administration; to the side, in another room, were the necessary equipment to mount another station, although managers of the radio House, burdened by the high costs of operation queno wanted to put in functioning old Radio rostrum; the kitchen became Cafe and the fourth of next door, built for accommodation of the maid, was assigned to Emilio Alfonso Arias Acosta, who thus added to its functions of announcer, journalist and seller of cots, the caretaker of the station. The night of December 7 actually began at 4: 00 in the afternoon when the voice of Emilio echoed in all radios, bodkins and sound equipment, to begin a 13-hour program entitled turn on the candles with Radio Peninsula. He ran the month of December 1990 and this was December 8 very important in Colombia the next day, all citizens there to the polls to choose members of the National Constituent Assembly, in whose charge was the drafting of the new Magna Charter. The programme was spirts. By the station turntable were parading fashionable songs and traditional music in December.