University Sector

The budget share allocated to this University for the year 2010 is known to be, expressed in the following way; 495 billion bolivars by regular resources and 217 bolivars, product of the fiscal management for a total of 712 million bolivars. This budget represents only 39,12% of the amount requested by the UC, which is contained in the preliminary draft budget, approved by the University Council of the University of Carabobo two months ago, document where the people House of studies contemplated in detail the academic investment in its entirety; teaching, research and extension, community service, student benefits among others. e varied view. Some contend that Richard Linklater shows great expertise in this. The University of Carabobo asked for the total amount of 1.820.252.504 bolivares but the National Executive adopted 712.952.10, which represents a deficit of 1.082.503.904 in resources required for this campus. The budget allocated to the UC for 2010 only would reach to cover expenses in the first quarter of next year, since you need the Alma Mater to keep its operation throughout the year amounts to thousand 820 million 252 thousand 504. This amount represents the 39,12% as requested by the institution in the preliminary draft budget stated to the Office of planning of the University Sector (Opsu) in the month of August, which means that those 712 million bolivares fuertes UC, that account will be affected various items. One aspect that perhaps is the one that generates more expectations within the University community are the employment benefits of those who work in the University of Carabobo both in the area of teaching, such as administrative and workers, those who are active and even retirees. Such a situation than propitious uncertainty, forcing there is inability to hire teaching staff before the opening of new places of study, which affect students also.

They will be damaged, as they are already, student orders including scholarships, and above all, the service of transport and dining room from which the majority of students make use and which determine large-scale day-to-day movement of the University. It is worrying, there will be a serious impairment to teachers and students who are primary engines of the institution and that they will be directly affected in academics and not only that which involves the basics, the much needed technological adaptation and equipping of technology at the service of knowledge because this will be expressed in the impossibility to equip laboratories in various areas. Teachers will not be able to update their knowledge and research and extension will be uphill. Seriously concerned that this budgetary deficit product, it seriously affects a very sensitive aspect, as it is with regard to health, Since the UC has a plan managed HCM and being a neuralgic point, and consequence of the crisis already feels its effects, above all to meet that commitment with the personal worker, administrative and teaching when the departure of maternity leave, hospitalization and surgery. It is known that the UC budget for 2 years is the same, and that, in accordance with the actual requirements of our House of studies, in December it presented 40% deficit. The truth, that this situation not only is the University of Carabobo, but public universities face and this is an Achilles tendon for the Government, which must not neglect, because the consequences can affect it seriously in its objectives. Chavez knows the problem of universities and according to their interest in establishing a socialism that favors to the country, you can not ever neglect education, we are confident that his advisers and the same delve into finding solutions favouring him in their plans.