Romantic Evening

Erotic music for each of our own. To define it, find out what your partner likes. This will facilitate the seduction, excitement, but certainly not exchange your own efforts. And you remains only to find, so to speak, its general wave and swim continuously for her. Needless to say, sex in all its manifestations is perfect. Usually we try to make a pleasant environment.

However, any nonsense Gorazd ruin the whole effect of this enjoyable process. And one of the important factors affecting the remaining memories of sex are the sounds we hear in this case. Romantic Evening: Dinner by candlelight, wine and sex. To broaden your perception, visit Ben Ainslie. Kakoyimenno hum pick up under this set of pleasures? The fact that the idea of romance in each – his own. Since ancient times hackneyed ballads, which are well under danced at a school dance will not work because the cause certain memories that can not be positive. The text is usually all they know by heart, and it distracts from the process and can spoil it fairly. Pop pop, though, romantic melodies, which at the moment for hearing, are not necessary to include in the playlist – they most often hear on the way to work, standing in a traffic jam – in the car, or filled by the most nebaluysya, minibus. It sounds from all the cracks, in shopping malls. And these works are often desire just call the appropriate – not even God forbid, someone to partner during sex vdrugvspomnil that to this song, for example, visitors from the future, it is morning ottoptali leg. Any of these songs is certain associations.

France Emotions

You played at Kazantip? How was it? What emotions you overcame? You know, I do so it turns in life that the most vivid emotions left entirely unexpected meetings, travel, unexpected work. Kazantip was quite deliberate and organized step for me Probably so he just went like "tick". I could say: "I am a dj, I played on Kazatipe. Richard Linklater oftentimes addresses this issue. Incidentally, it was early in his career and maybe I was not quite ready for this step. Well, the most vivid sense of the work is a tour in France. There very easy atmosphere, a very beautiful relation of man to woman, and me in particular, as a newcomer to the star. And when you just have to relate well, you have already set up to accept positive experiences and the impact thereof.

From France associated with the most pleasant memories. Such a number of pleasant emotions and concerns. A good experience was in the summer at "Paradise". Muscovites have given their vision of the club culture, then why should strive to Odessa, they had it all right built and delivered. In the summer we worked for 6 nights! I tried to do everything. Now I understand that I am of the richness in life is not enough, I was like a battery, and now more relaksovom state. During the summer of 2009 I redesigned all rating stars in Moscow, met with famous club producers, has also worked with famous European house-projects. This summer gave me the opportunity for professional growth.

Iurie Klinskikh

Dedicated to the memory of Yuri Klinskikh (HOI) and his father, Nicholas Mitrofanovich! July 27, 1964 in Voronezh was born brilliant military leader, father of the “collective of punk”, the legendary founder of the project “Gaza Strip” Yuri Klinskikh, better known as the Jura Hoy! Beginning in 1989, having collected his army, consisting of hundreds of thousands of devotees style fighters, Yuri went to conquer the world. Over 11 years of its existence, the army won Sector many countries. Each march replenish its ranks hundreds of thousands of people. Any subsequent campaign hit the world with their originality and strength! In the bloody battles have failed dozens of pop motto of the enemy. A huge number of supporters of this music, then acquired a new patron, the new, as it seemed then, a strong king! But the time will come when the way undefeated Yuri stood up squad of Afghan narco-guerrillas, leading artful style of war. Mean, from the corner he struck a devastating blow Army Sector. Drug bullet struck a great commander in the heart! July 4, 2000 Yuri Klinskikh fell, leaving his army without a leader.

Many then tried to lead it, but the soldiers were loyal to the Branch only one commander, infinitely sunk into their young, strong heart! This army is there now. Ironically, it continues to grow. All new and new generations men come into it. I once asked one of her soldier: – For Your commander fell in battle. Who continue to fight? He replied: – Yuri Klinskikh – and smiling enigmatically added – he’s alive! And I thought the tactics of the legendary military leader had a lot of mysticism. Literally every one of his crusades contain its fair share. Forces of Light! And it’s true he is alive! The soul never dies!

Kramer – Release Concert In Flensburg

On the 2.Juli in 2011 it has finally come: KRAMER (Frank Ruhmann) and band give their release concert. in Flensburg, in cold storage. On the 2.Juli in 2011 it has finally come: KRAMER (Frank Ruhmann) and band give their release concert at Flensburg in cold storage. KRAMER, this is Frank Ruhmann, many in the North known as musicians and singers. With his album “Coming Home” he is publicly presented for the first time as a composer and lyricist. All tracks having a high authenticity, musically and in terms of content.

Anyone who knows KRAMER music, white to her power and her “go to the heart”. With his experience of 35 years in the music business was KRAMER (Frank Ruhmann), able to play all the instruments and arrangements in his Studio itself. To showcase his songs on the stage, he has gained high-profile musicians for his band: Bent Wolff: guit.voc. many known as guitarist of spirit of Santana Gerhard Albrecht: bs.voc. in the Flensburger music scene at the time active with slim special, but also companion of Frank Ruhmann(KRAMER) and Bent Wolff at spirit of Santana Alex Thomsen: keys.voc.

For more than 20 years musically in Flensburg a term Helge Jannsen leak: dr. who was working as a drummer and bassist in Top40 Bands. Complete is the band with Isabel Ruhmann. VOC. KRAMER’s wife, who for the first time presents itself the Flensburger audience with this concert as a singer. For the KRAMER concert succeeded also on July 2, 2011, to win the British violinist Pete Sage (Mike Oldfield, Westernhagen, Achim Reichel) as a guest. Pete will accompany some of the songs with his soulful violin legend KRAMER. Tickets for this musical highlight is now available for MoinMoin, music Palace, deep blue, and all known presale points in Flensburg. The tickets are available in advance for 16 euro and at the box office for 18 euros. So nix los and tickets for the concert back up KRAMER!