Calabrese Carousel

Each Blancpain timepiece has a mechanism made by Frederic Piguet, who has his Office in the same building as Blancpain. The Swatch Group, the company responsible for a large portion of all watches sold worldwide, bought Blancpain in 1992, for a value of approximately thousand times that Jean-Claude Biver paid when he bought it ten years earlier. Although said Biver is no longer a partner of Blancpain, followers of the continuous company base being large and fiercely loyal. In 2008, the Swatch Group also bought the Vincent Calabrese, Vica Sarl firm. Blancpain and Vica Sarl have long enjoyed a fruitful relationship between the two, since Vica Sarl provides Blancpain with their tourbillones.

Calabrese was one of the founders of the Horologica Academy of independent creators and his company enjoys a long tradition of excellence in the manufacture of watches. With its purchase by the Swatch Group, now the company Vica Sarl has decided devoted to the development of new products Blancpain fresh and innovative. At Baselworld 2008, Calabrese and Blancpain revealed to the world the Carrousel Volant Une Minute, first Blancpain watch that it incorporated the flying carousel of one minute tourbillon. The Carrousel tourbillon, invented in 1982, serves the same purpose as the tourbillon, but until now has never been miniaturized to a size that is suitable for a wrist watch. The tourbillon carousel originally had intended to be a less costly alternative to the technically complex tourbillon, but when Bonniksen, the inventor of the tourbillon carousel, completed the design and development of the tourbillon carousel, it turned out to be far more complicated that the tourbillon, doing really more expensive to build than the latter. Pioneer of Blancpain movement has been baptized as the 225 caliber and its tourbillon carousel steering wheel is made of 262 individual pieces. The front dial is made with a design of cross-section, which puts on prominent display automatic mechanism exquisitely decorated, even when viewed from the front.

With one hundred hours of backup power, this new watch also contains a handle of cage that is pointing, allowing him to serve as an alternate function as a second hand. For more information about Blancpain wristwatches visit: Ministry of education carried out monitoring of the strategic program of achievements of learning II. EE. focused in Coronel Portillo and Father Abbot Gazette Ucayalina.: the imaginary step:. Computer Clock! Jean-Claude said Biver Receives 2010 Entrepreneurship Gaia Award blue planet highlighted in INDIA achievements CUBANS in environment and health the Ntra parish.