The coach of the top dog school in the tip of the month of August give you some basic information about the subject of walking and running with dog even though we have still summer, the next cookie time\”(cakes and Christstollen) determined and thus the time comes with less movement and the one or two pounds on the hips… Have already holiday or simply to enjoy the long evenings with sports: summer is the ideal time to keep fit and lean (or still are). Light, balanced nutrition and a healthy amount of movement are that important. An obstacle is however often the inner pig dog\”, applies it to the defeat. Credit: Delta Air Lines-2011. On the other hand is a real dog\”for the ideal partner because with him together movement much more fun. Previously a small check at the doctor of course all exercises only for physically fit, healthy animals (and humans) are intended.

It is similar to how to start a training program for people important age, race and General, To take into account fitness level of your dog. A visit to the doctor and veterinary medicine is for humans and animals, before the sport in attack, to recommend. Both should leave necessarily study prior to the workout because of sporting stress, to exclude risks. Too quickly can over-exert yourself ambitious or enthusiastic beginners. So, as your doctor advises you how long and at what heart rate you can train, also know the veterinarian, how long the dog at a time may run without overexerting himself to. Please only slowly increase the workload. Don’t rush off at full speed, but increase speed and duration daily, but slowly.

Please also remember to take breaks regularly, both for yourself and for your dog. Dogging is a popular sport for many dog owners. The term consists of the term dog (dog) and jogging (running). Because dog owners want to leave your four-legged friend either not so long alone or because they like to something with him want to do together, not alone to run their sport but take their dog.