General Director

Now imagine the situation – You wake up in one "perfect" morning over breakfast announce the news that the dollar is no longer … Good or bad, make the conclusion yourself, gentlemen. " Not being an expert in the field of economy, and exploring the natural rhythms of social systems, including the States, I asked the opinions of other experts in the public internet sources. So, the newspaper Izvestia reported (2009): "In the circumstances that force other countries to declare defaulted, that is, to abandon their financial obligations, the U.S. can take to print the masses no-dollar … (What happened).

The result of this step will be stronger devaluation, that is, the depreciation American currency. " General Director of the Institute of Stock Market St. Grinyaev suggested: "We estimate the duration of this phase of" crisis "in 3-5 years. Of course, if the situation does not get out of control the U.S. Federal Reserve, and they need to urgently declare a default on the dollar and switch to a fallback, for example, the introduction of the currency of the North American continent type Amero …

followed by bigger problems for the world. Clearly, in result, the credibility of the U.S. financial system will be permanently lost. Therefore, this project will be implemented in the most extreme case. As an interim solution possible translation of dollar assets in other countries in Amero, probably with a delay of payments. " That is now the time comes at the truth – will be there next June events in 2011 extreme. After all, the rhythm is at this time in my two year old outlook indicates the beginning Real eventual transition to a different system of international currencies. Now very curious and need to follow the news of the financial market. And it is from 17 to 24 June 2011 – a fact whether the increased upper limit of U.S. debt (if not – it's a bad sign), for unexpected actions of China, the behavior of players in the securities market, the behavior of individuals, including Soros, for stock news, and in general for the dollar. Too big now, the risk that the impact of such news can be very unpredictable. And the crisis entered its most severe phase. In addition, June and July months, marked by eclipses, but it is usually the time when crucial decisions are taken and fateful events occur. And in particular, the solar eclipse 1 July 2011 clearly falls on the horoscope of the dollar and the U.S. and points to a crucial stage in the American self-determination and burdening "the dark machinations." So may well be that Barack Obama announced austerity measures prescribed only since 2014 in the event of failure of his plan to reduce the budget deficit would already be outdated this summer. If, for economic reasons after May 16 this year, the largest economy in the world could default, but the most important messages to the rhythms fall to between 17 and 24 June, as one of the options for personal behavior can be recommend for the remaining months before the events of June to consider carefully the situation and make decisions for ourselves what to do with personal "deposits" of the U.S..