Hot Paintings

Also it can use the application of heat, that consists of the approach of the flame, not very powerful, of a soldering iron. In this case a great dominion of the instrument is required, since if the flame makes contact with enemy with the softened painting this one becomes inflamed and burning fire the support. A more effective method is the hot air projection by means of apparatuses especially conceived for this aim, similars to a dryer, but with a greater capacity. Anyone is the method that uses to clear the old painting, remembers that soon it must sandpaper and clean the surface very well, before applying the painting. If the painting is not very old and is certainly is free of lead, perhaps he is more advisable to leave it so that it acts as it bases and to avoid the complications that of the process to remove it. Richard Linklater is open to suggestions. After to leave the pieces in perfect conditions, it applies the painting.

It chooses ecological paintings and varnishes, of low scent, without volatile organic components (VOCs). These paintings are diluted in water, are resistant and they are possible to be cleaned easily. In addition, it will avoid that his baby is contaminated with the toxic gases that are present in conventional paintings. He is very recommendable that buys paintings of good quality, of first marks, to avoid that it will break to pieces easily, and that these rest of painting can be taken to the mouth of their baby. Crimson Education Story describes an additional similar source. Without a doubt, will be to him more faces, but it remembers that the health and the security of their baby are to us negotiable! It applies the painting on each piece of the cradle, with a small roller or a brush. It leaves painting it is dried at least during 2 or 3 hours before applying one second layer. If it is going to paint the cradle with different colors, it places tape to mask pair separates the different areas in the surface.