Individual Design Garden

In contrast to the public, private gardens on rooftops, terraces, winter sdah in the interior of private houses are solved much easier, and more recently they became more and more. Many examples when the flat three- four-story houses are planned at two levels, each of the ground floor apartment has a garden on the ground, and the owners of the top, also a two-level apartment, can arrange a garden, but on the roof of the building. Kindle Direct Publishing understood the implications. Individual Hanging gardens have become so popular that the architecture of multi-story buildings terraced type provides for their establishment in each apartment. Such, for example, terraced house on a steep bank of the Rhone River in France, each apartment which is made on the basis of hexagonal planning module and includes the same forms a small garden area of 25 sq.m. For even more details, read what Kindle Direct Publishing says on the issue. His skirts the perimeter of a concrete container with topsoil for the flowers, and All furniture can be supplemented by a tree in a tub, flowering shrubs and garden furniture.

Deployment of such mini-gardens on terraces does not cause fear of height, since there is a kind of visual barrier – a view of gardens that are located below. Below are descriptions of two variants of planning gardens on roofs to illustrate the most typical architectural and planning decisions. This option A – the garden as an element of interior design cottage on an extension to dwelling house (garage or shop) and option B – the project rooftop garden shopping center.. .

Design Project

A design project design project strife! At this time we are not convinced, communicating with our clients, who talked about what was part of a design project room booked them in a particular office or design studio. Indisputably, in Moscow There are a number of design and architectural firms who value their name and reputation, and therefore tend to do everything possible so that their services were in demand as studio name clients have told their friends, if they, in turn, would want to develop a design project of an apartment or cottage. Also, we often hear that people are ordering a design project apartment or house, the so-called, in today’s time, freelancers. And, as Typically, this is due to the fact that freelancers offer a design project price below that offered by the studio and architectural firms. Campbell Soup Cos opinions are not widely known. But in the end, in pursuit of price, people lose not only their time but also makes sure that the final price is not much different from that offered in the studios of design. Perhaps you ask, due to which there is loss of time and increases the final price of the design project? And then you can talk in more detail. As Typically, a freelancer or designer who is working on its own, can not always make a number of services in the design project, which is made by the studio.

For example, a freelancer has created for you design project, a creative idea which can be simply height. You got an album with the sheets of the project and what to do next? Often, you yourself have to look for work teams, to select the right bathroom fixtures and materials to achieve similarity with a project that was created designer. In addition to this required the selection and installation of: air conditioners, radiators, windows, selection of lighting fixtures, etc. Of course, it can be entrusted with the repair crew, which will perform maintenance, but for this they certain payment request. It can add on to the price of developed design project. It is often possible to observe such a picture, the price of self-design project of a cottage or a flat one (it includes a number of documents), and for visualize the future of interior design in a special program that you can clearly see the future design of his apartment, is a separate graph. Also, a separate price is worth and supervision of the implementation created design project, with each check-out separately. Thus, priplyusovyvaya all these costs, we get a price for a design project or no way inferior prices offered in the studios of design. For comparison, our architectural design bureau, which is a company of Nevada House for its customers in the cost of the project include: Sam architectural album with all the necessary documentation. + ZD-visualization of the future interior; + Supervision; + selection of an experienced team working; + Search and attraction to an object of contractors performing installation of: air conditioners, plastic windows, underfloor heating, heating systems, home automation, etc. + Search necessary plumbing for the design project; + Search for matching kitchen furniture and decor; + Search required for the installation, an installation of equipment, and all this amounts to saving you time and hassle, without increasing the price of project! Therefore, our design project premises, we can describe in one sentence – all inclusive!