Dog Training

The following lesson that must learn the dog is ” To remain ” that is that it learns a to remain quiet. This is often a little difficult, but with patience it is possible to be obtained. Dle to your dog ” Quedate ” in repeated occasions from a distance of at least 10 meters. It is important to maintain the visual contact with the dog. Go to Gerald Weissmann, MD for more information. If the dog rises it must decirr ” no” and to begin again. Once progresses with this exercise have become, soon it begins to walk behind his back. The dogs usually rise at this moment. Dle to your dog ” no” and the exercise in several occasions begins again to teach to him to your dog to remain quiet when you walk alejandote of him.

Once your dog has dominated this part, you can teach it to the order ” Ven” , you can say the ven word to him or here or simply they see. You must use a voice tone that communicates to the dog joy to him. He is where him here then DAS deserved his reward. It always uses the praises and the prizes instead of to use the punishment to educate a puppy. The dogs respond better to the positive formation instead of refusal. Yet this in mind, already you could be teaching to your dog the 3 basic commandos. He follows all these advice and you will have a dog soon obedient that you will enjoy its faithful company by many years.

But by all means that this is not everything, you are going to need instructions and advice deeper than will allow you to know Psychology or Canine Conduct normal to know like educating a puppy easily and step by step you yourself, from the comfort of your home. If have the prepared will to modify the bad habits of your puppy pudes to do you it, only it is necessary that you know how to do it. It is necessary to be an expert in the matter neither a professional trainer nor nothing of that. With the appropriate instructions you will obtain that your dog is what must be, an animal of affectionate, obedient, happy company and a faithful companion. All the information that you need is to only click of distance, you do not waste time, right now begins to prepararte with the knowledge and the most appropriate strategies to know like educating a puppy step to step and in very easy form.