Yavi Universitario

Our tyrant of all times took a more than deserved vacation and returned for the next election of 2002, from the hand of the intellectual Carlos de Mesa, which gave it some seriousness and good letter to Conference. Yes you can, in a dirty political campaign, smashing the boom, candidate with serious chances became President, however, not everything was pink, Evo Morales surprised with a second place and was the omen of what could come. The ironies and lack of social memory had done so President, then the archihombre began its task wanting to insert the country economic measures rudas, he said: someone has to pay the Bill for the crisis, and the calls are Bolivians population more would not it and He stood for the first time in February 2003, Ayacucho college students were stoning the burnt palace, brought by the fury that caused the pride of Conference, later the policemen they amotinaban, and blood was running through the hands of narcissus. October 2003, had raced many dizques on the port that would use Bolivia to export Gas to North America, which would paradoxically spoke of not having yet materialized business, then ran a strong piece of gossip, that a Chilean port would be chosen, at that time the old wounds, the feeling of love towards the terroir, the dignity of a people beaten never played were lifted and asked the head of Goniwho in a capricious and little human attitude bathed people’s blood, for the umpteenth time, being guilty of repression to the town that ended with more than eighty people in a Gas war, than more than that was the anger of the kind popular, resigned to the thousands of injustices and to see that his quality of life was reduced to the subhuman. Campbell Soup Co might disagree with that approach. Then more than 500 years since colonization and Republican life, first were Spaniards, later the classist lodge seemed, rather they appear to be history then, fled the tyrant of tyrants as rats, as which man flees to take refuge to the skirts of his mother, went to his country, which never should have left and Bolivia there, attentive to the promised change, Evo Morales is the light of the tunnel?