How To Build A House With His Hands

People long ago began to build brick houses. The most common type of brick – a clay brick, which is obtained by way of firing a mixture of clay, together with other components. At the start of construction of brick House includes the erection of all major exterior walls with a thickness of 510-640 mm. Also, apart from the outer layer of brick, and always put another layer of an insulator. How to start any construction of their homes hands? This careful planning, and then make an individual project at home. It is pre-planning will save time and money. There are 3 main approaches in designing buildings.

The first option – bought ready-made. Second – the development of individual projects. The third – a ready project with elements of individuality and originality. Then you need to choose a specific site for the house. House of brick should be constructed in certain areas. Ideal – a parallel compilation of your project and the acquisition of the site. If the site is large, it is suitable for the project with additional buildings.

If little – if only for a compact home. When choosing a site for construction of houses, tons of the need to take into account many factors: environmental cleanliness, presence or lack of communication, the groundwater level and type of soil which will be your home. Once a site is chosen, to make technical anchor made of the project. It will help to geological samples, which will determine the type of the future foundation.

Holmes Projects

For 10 years, engaged in designing metal frames both at the Cabinet, and on stage, kmd, and very often ‘come just horrified’ by the so-called projects, the crisis of late 2008 all the worse. The impression is that 70% of all km projects serve students or architects, that is, People who do not specialize in the design of steel structures for industrial buildings. Maybe all these people who engage in so-called design great people, but that they are not professionals is absolutely accurate. Briefly, for those who say so ‘is not a little to the topic’ for the fact that to build an industrial building, it is necessary to develop a lot of projects and each of these projects should deal with people with narrowly focused specialization. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Levi’s. Even with a ‘long time ago went so well said proverb of the Soviet engineer, about what’ Soviet engineer knows everything, but it’s nothing. The fact that each section of the total building project whether it’s qol, ar, cm, etc. requires knowledge. It is impossible to know everything! It is my steadfast belief.

Remember how once said Sherlock Holmes, ‘Why do I need to know about who is Copernicus’. To him: ‘how is it they say, all know who the Copernicus! ” A Holmes in reply ‘I do know, even the smallest of thieves in the city, I have on each of them has the dossier’. That’s a real professional approach of the business. In all sections of the design so much detail that would know all this, one must be at least Einstein. We have the same designer of reinforced concrete structures is of the view that it is easy to develop cm. trator.

In this case, yes, he develops it, at what price its services are much lower than specialist in the design is metal and the customer seems to be convenient, what a designer does at least two sections of the cm and qol, and design costs low, and the fact that in reality the customer overpay and overpay sufficiently large amounts, it is in the best case, worst-designed facility will be crashed. When compared to the first case, 90% of what the customer would never know that, saving the project, he overcharged a huge amount for the purchase of metal (to a lesser extent on the assembly and manufacture of structures, as human labor and thus its value have in Russia, unfortunately, a very small percentage of the the total construction contract). In general I would say that the grief specialist, or may heavier frame, or vice versa to construct emergency object. The fact that he designed an emergency facility can give the same 80-90% of what about it and nobody will ever know. But the probability is 10-20% percent of the accidents that can happen there, and believe me, that if the accident happens there could be no one will not find it, the total loss of business to jail! K Unfortunately, customers do not understand this, let’s say for objective reasons, like all costs, but costs more closely relates to the news and you can find there a lot of cases where this winter something, but fell, and those who follow news are confident that with them, then this will not happen. I know of cases where buildings designed with errors, were 20 years old and fell in 1921!