Razrabotka Business Processes

Date, the amount of work, cost and production rabot.Razrabotka business processes: * CRM – management customer relationships. 4. Operating Plan. Under the plan, the project will be operational activity for the production of goods (services). As a result, the project proponent should be as close as possible to imagine an organization production of certain products (services).

In general, the project should include the following sections: Description of the range of products and services company (name, purpose, unit of measure, the planned start sales) of energy, materials and equipment for the production of these products or services. Educational pedagogy oftentimes addresses this issue. (Name, unit cost, unit costs, potential procurement schemes). Overhead on the production and implementation of the products or services (the principle of formation, the name, amount of expenses in a month or a percentage of) the Plan of staff (staff structure, number, official salaries, bonus system) plan production (piecework wages, semi-specific costs, the production schedule) sales plan (the price of products or services, the monthly sales volume, the possible implementation schemes) Tax environment (a list of tax payments, rates, frequency payments and special payments) 5.Marketingovy plan. This is one of the most important sections of the project. On the importance of it can be put before the investment plan. This is understandable – there is no reason to start a project if market analysis indicates it inappropriate. As a result, the project proponent must understand – whether to start a project or not. Dr Z A Dental College will not settle for partial explanations. If there is, how to market that would eventually recoup the investment costs, to fulfill all obligations financing and start earning a steady income.

Classification Projects

Projects vary in scope, timelines for delivery, quality, design and implementation, the size of the resources used, location, etc. The variety of projects in real life is extremely large, and they can be classified on different grounds. Such grounds or signs of classifying projects may include: an activity in which the project is implemented, which determines the type of project; composition and structure of the project, its subject area that defines a class project; Project size, number of participants, the degree of influence on the world that defines the scope of the project; the duration of the project, which determines project duration; degree of financial, technological, technical, organizational and other complexities of the project that determines the complexity of the project. Different project types: organizational, economic, social, technical mixed. Speaking candidly Gerald Weissmann, MD told us the story. Institutional projects are usually associated with the reform of enterprises, creating a new organization, enterprise, business entity holding any event (conference, forum symposia, seminars, etc.). Their main distinctive features: the project objectives are defined, but they trudnoizmerimy quantitatively, as directed on improvement of organizational systems; turnaround time and duration implementation of pre-defined; resources are allocated to the extent possible; project costs subject to close monitoring from the viewpoint of efficiency of their implementation often requires an adjustment process project. Economic projects related to enterprise restructuring, reorganization, privatization, improving the tax system, customs regulations, etc. Their features include: pre- outlines the main, the end goals that the project can be adjusted; schedule of the project and its individual components are often corrected; costs are estimates but monitored constantly and harshly.