Hunting with bow in Spain is one mode that each day adds more followers, primarily in hunting, the venatoria with bow and arrows is live hunting with an enormous intensity, just as in the early days of all in the hunt. History of archery: the earliest evidence of archery dates from 5,000 years ago. The arc was probably invented for use in hunting and was later adopted as an instrument of war. It was one of the first samples of artillery. Bows ended eventually replaced the atlatl as the predominant system launching of projectiles. Add to your understanding with American filmmaker. Types of bows for hunting: straight arches or longbows, recurvado, pulleys arc or arc composed at present there are arcs that allow you to fold with precision and a certain distance so hard animals such as a boar and to collect them very close to the plaza, so with these bows you can practice any static mode such as hunting and stalking, always respecting the common sense and acting accordingly with the possibilities of the technique and equipment.

Several are the animals that can be hunted with bow, from a quail to a boar. Everything depends on the ground allow it and carry the proper equipment, also know that as in any hunting experience and luck also play an important role, the main thing is to understand that there is no one favorite animal or another impossible. The high skilled hunters mountains often perform successful animal hunts as difficult as they can be for the Pyrenean mountain goats or goats Hispanic; other hunters enjoy instead of stalking to Roe deer until reaching located within little more than a few meters from them. Regarding hunting with firearms, hunting with bow has limitations because we have to know how to handle with utmost precision arc, and thus be able to be a responsible Hunter in the field. The best way of learning is taking a course with specialized instructors where they will learn subjects such as: hunting techniques: stalking, I await, whipped, hunting on the fly. Technical study of the arrow: study on energy, time practical verification.

Anatomical studies of the Peninsular parts of hunting. Limitations and advantages in hunting with bow. Safety and risks of the recurve bow hunter. Practical models. Recovery of hunting: tracking, use of dogs. Point of view of the Hunter Archer in behavior, customs, styles of hunting, the parts of the peninsula. Among other topics of interest. Another option is to consult with other hunters experienced, with experience in techniques of shot, setting, choice of material, weights of arrows, types of bits to be used. Hunting with bow wakes up truly intense sensations, being able to savour the lance, see animals so close, feel your breathing, all magnified by the complexity of this practice, the exciting thing, and the pleasure of seeing how the arrow hits on the site.