Bank Deposit

It should be remembered that the interest rate does not yavlyatsya "random" value, and formed the basis of the whole mass values: the amount and currency of the deposit, the duration of storage, the ability to recharge, as well as several other parameters relating to border control input from the client. According to UNC School of Education, who has experience with these questions. According to their types of bets are divided into fixed and "floating". Choosing a fixed rate of interest accrual reserves independent of any external factors, whether the drop in refinancing or negative dynamics of the financial market. Thus achieved stability of charges during the term of the deposit, but ruled out the possibility of significant growth in favorable market conditions. In turn, the "floating" rate is open to changes in discretion of the bank, subject to prior notice to Customer. Accrued interest at such rates is directly linked to stock indices and the refinancing rate, which at the best of circumstances can provide a large income. But where luck, there is a risk – income on a "floating" rate is difficult to predict, although the minimum percentage set by the Bank of course did not leave at a loss. Just pay attention a system of interest – namely, whether your deductible interest capitalization.

This is an important moment for recurring accruals – with capitalization of interest is added to the original amount of the deposit – in proportion to the growth of each accrual increases and interest rates. Obviously, the long-term deposits have much to gain in this respect, despite the fact that interest rates in the capitalization is always known to be lower. Themselves deposits divided by the level of additional features available to the depositor. Rule one: more options – lower the rate. Thus, the most profitable is a term deposit without the possibility of withdrawing funds and dovlozheniya – perhaps too optimistic choice under current economic conditions. Find an alternative to keep deposits in Yekaterinburg not be a problem, is only accurately identify their priorities – keeping or capital increase. Either way, saving his money in the bank is the only way to obtain formal assurances of their safety. It's not so much a matter of individual benefits as civil prudence – the best counter any crisis.