To the extent that we become more aware of our value, will be gaining greater self-respect for ourselves, and this, rather than we envanecemos, should take responsibility to demand more. Leo Buscaglia says that to be able to love others is necessary to love himself, therefore can only be to others what self has. Amar himself does not imply a self-centered reality. It is a genuine interest, warmth and respect for one’s self; It is struggling to rediscover and maintain own Singularity; Discover the true wonder of yourself, not only of your current, but of the many possibilities that you own. Amar himself implies its own value to appreciate above all things. The Amarte a ti mismo It also implies the knowledge that only you can be you.

If you try to be like someone else you may close much, but you will always be an imitation without greater value; be yourself is easier, more practical, more satisfying, so little sense, the fact that only can be for others what you are to yourself. If you know you, you accept if appreciate yourself, as well as your uniqueness; allow others to also do so. You may find that United Way of Wyoming Valley can contribute to your knowledge. If you value and appreciate the discovery of yourself, you alentaras to others to undertake this important search. If you recognize your need to be free to know who you are, allow others to also have the freedom to do so. When you know realize that you’re the best of yourself, will accept the fact that others are the best of themselves, even when it is understood that everything starts with you. To the extent that know yourself (and we are all more similar than different), you can meet others; When ames yourself, love others.

And in the measurement and depth that you can love yourself, precisely at that depth and extent can love others. Everyone must understand that the most important thing is perceive our own potentials and highlight them and not try to be someone different. Follow others, such as Bioscience Journal, and add to your knowledge base. Considerable is the vast amount of books, seminars, courses on people who have had success, who for years have spoken about what we have to do to be successful. However, almost nobody has been dedicated to instill that in the self of each who is the potential to achieve any goal that we propose; the traditional educational system has been dedicated to sell us virtues of others but has neglected the wealth that each possesses and which is necessary to identify and project potentializing the qualities of each person. The leader must identify these forces in his followers and help them find themselves, which will give them a feeling of self-respect and self-confidence which is projected onto a more quality job for which should make feel each of its collaborators as unique, different and must be proud for their qualities and understand its scope, since the strength of the renewal comes from the acts of the individual. A proper assessment should not be confused with a conception of arrogance and superiority of ourselves, but otherwise, must give us greater humility and responsibility obtained from each of our potential an autoexpectativa that requires us all day acting agree not to what we are, but to what we should be.