School Horizon

He is the proper one utopian horizon of the school that enters in question: the challenges of the current world denounce the fragility and the insufficience of the ideals ' ' modernos' ' starts to demand and to excite new interrogations and searches. The school, in this context, more than the transmissora of the culture, ' ' true cultura' ' , it passes to be conceived as a space of crossing, conflicts and dialogue between different cultures. Perez Gmez (1998) considers that let us understand the school today as a space of ' ' crossing of culturas' '. Learn more on the subject from Kindle Direct Publishing. Such perspective demands that let us develop a new to look at, a new position, and that let us be capable to identify the different cultures that if interlace in the pertaining to school universe, as well as of reinventar the school, recognizing it specifies what it, identify and distinguish from other spaces of socialization: ' ' mediation reflexiva' ' that it carries through on the interactions and the impact that the different cultures continuously exert in its universe and its actors What it characterizes the pertaining to school universe is the relation between the cultures, relation this crossed by tensions and conflicts. This if accents when the cultures critical, academic, social and institucional, deeply articulated, become hegemonic and tend to be absolutizadas in detriment of the experiencial culture, that, in turn, it possesss deep sociocultural roots. Instead of preserving a monocultural tradition, the school is being called to deal with the plurality of cultures, to recognize the different citizens sociocultural present in its context, to open spaces for the manifestation and valuation of the differences. She is this, ours to see, the question today ece of fish. The school always had difficulty in dealing with the plurality and the difference. It tends to silence them and to neutralize them.