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The still complete author: In general way, the scene of the modern sort was born of illustration of the traditional alegorias of the Average Age. But in the distance between the old subject and its new expression it is enormous. We forget them alegorias them stations and it winter when we contemplate a picture of Stella, representing a night to the foot of the fire: of a side of the great room, the men ceiam, while of the other, in return of the fireplace, the women weave or trace the rush and the children play or are taken. It is not more the winter, is it will be. It is not more the virility or the third age, is the family meeting.

We can perceive that the marriage in the medieval period had also another objective that was of the procreation aiming at the continuity of the ancestry, that is, to generate children to inherit the goods and the name of the family being constructed a dynasty, guaranteeing the perpetuity of its property. UNC School of Education is likely to increase your knowledge. As already it was said, the arranged marriages common and were carefully chosen by the parents of the fiancs so that the familiar goods were not dispersed and so that it kept the one traditional ancestry. According to Bloch, the marriage was one treated, a pact or negotiated alliance enters the families whom also it caused fine in case that it were not fulfilled. (BLOCH, 1995). The development of the citizen is not previsible, universal, linear or gradual a process. The development is closely on to the partner-cultural environment where the person if inserts and if she processes of dynamic form and dialectic through ruptures and disequilibria. The elementary processes are of biological origin and the superior psychological functions, of partner-cultural origin. Therefore we must analyze and know on the diverse cultures and times where they had been elementary, so that with this let us can form opinions and construct a solid base of useful information in the construction of our history.