Preschool Age Kids

The child in preschool age needs an education directed toward the body, that is, it cannot only be a mere expectador of the learning, and it cannot only learn through mechanical acts. An education directed toward the corporal movement, related with the trick and the games, all with a scienter, allows that the child gradual acquires abilities take that it to an education that does not separate to body and mind, but that it sees in a global way. 6 – CONCLUSION Being the Infantile Education a stage extremely important for the development of the child, as already it was cited previously in the work, one gives credit that the school is possible to construct a significant way to use to advantage this stage of the life with more pleasure, ludicidade and movement. The precocious escolarizao, before the importance of if perceiving the indissociveis body and mind as something, generates factors of delay in the development of the child of century XXI. This current child, fruit of the technologies, that many times passes hours in front of the computer or a television, needs one ‘ ‘ despertar’ ‘ for the movement, the free activities, to play it as learning form.

also fits to the school, together with all society, the responsibility so that this movement really is materialize in the schools and the life in general. One understands that here one is not only about ‘ ‘ escolarizar’ ‘ what it is given in this first stage of the life, but to use to advantage this rich universe to explore the potentialities and abilities of the child, having full conscience of that this will give support to it for other stages of education. With this, one is not wanting to say that the school of Infantile Education only ‘ ‘ brinca’ ‘ , but that the same one can use to advantage all these subjects (playing, the movement and the games) as a bridge for a process of more complex education in posterior stages, reaching with this pupil a full development in all the directions, in short, to transform it into an adult that chance had to express itself while child, having a happy infancy and consequentemente, if becomes a happy and full adult.