What is useful for one may not make sense for another, and what is significant for the latter may lack of value for the first. Each who must already have a self of himself, know towards where you want to reach, what are its objectives, learn to take advantage of its potential, manage their energy to your life revealed him that sense of knowing the opportunity of being. Perhaps to ask ourselves these questions for the first time could seem like something outside our scope, and reserved exclusively for the great philosophers. But, the greatest philosophers understood that this is a single task, which is demonstrated in the ancient phrase know thyself; with which far from pretend to have the answers for all mankind, they motivated each individual to find his truth. Although the fact find you meaning to life is not taught us in school, is of great importance to achieve a satisfying life in all senses. Because to live a life without real sense, anything that is made has no meaning and no real satisfaction is not obtained. Cannot pass by this manifestation without being aware of the why we are given the opportunity, can not remain asleep, you should be awake more when we do not know when us touch start.

There, that should not surprise us that comment is that it is a fact that a percentage of people who inhabit this planet don’t know why you are alive, and not even think about it. Even so, a life without sense makes little bearable to pass the time. It is why many people find themselves in situations unwanted after retiring, that the unemployed feel depressed, and even the rich and famous feel unhappy. Find you meaning to life is of vital importance, because otherwise we could be easy prey for the false senses. Not occupy us in finding the meaning of our own life, we could feel a void inside us. Very interesting what says the Centre Helios holistic, that find (our sense) meaning to life is a fascinating adventure. It means really believing that we have expressed and we continue doing so for a high purpose, a purpose that only we can glimpse and achieve. Once understood this, dedicate ourselves to find that purpose is the natural choice.

The road you could have ups and downs, maybe we have to admit that the cause of our current situation is choosing a cheap substitute (some false sense) and have it placed as our main goal, or undo a beaten path to return to their own, but in the end the rewards far outweigh the inverted dedication. Regardless of the starting point, the creation of a life plan is essential. Each of us needs to find meaning to his life, to know why we are here. Once this plan is established, our activities and projects emerge from and are consistent with it. In this way our actions acquire meaning and we take consciousness of our ability to create our reality at will. Don’t forget to take care of finding out the meaning of his existence is what precisely characterizes humans as soon as such – you can not even imagine an animal subject to such concern, and is not lawful to degrade this reality that we see in the man to a kind of weakness, illness, a symptom or a complex. Rather it is the other way around. The frustration of the will of sense, is not in itself something pathological, and is also far from being sickly.