Outer Relations

It is the unique Arab nation of Hispanic speech. It has embassies in several countries of the world; in Latin America, in Mexico, Uruguay, Panama, El Salvador, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, among others. Peru recognized the RASD in 1984, but inexplicably it suspended the diplomatic relations in 1996, pressed by the Moroccan lobby. Promise of president Alan Garci’the president Alan Garci’a promised that before leaving to the power the 28 of 2011 July, he would restore the relations with the RASD. Is frankly laughable the argument, that runs in the corridors of the Peruvian Ministry of Outer Relations, that if Peru restores relations with the RASD, Spain besides Morocco " molestara".

It is not certain, is only a rumor interested in bringing about fear on purpose that Madrid is the first investor in Peru. Morocco, of another side, must accept the sovereign decision of Peru to have relations with the RASD. In several countries of the world both embassies coexist. Besides it, the Peruvian Chancellery must remember the article sixth of the Convention on Rights and Duties of the States (signed by the prestigious chancellor Alfredo Solf and Muro), that says: " the recognition of a State simply means that the State recognizes that accepts the personality of the other with all the rights and duties determined by the international right. The recognition is unconditional and irrevocable". Saharauis celebrated this new one anniversary of the RASD, whose central acts were realised in the released locality of Tifariti, with a military parade, cultural and sport events, pasacalles, destruction of a great amount of antipersonnel mines in accordance with the Agreements of Geneva, international conference of support to the self-determination of the town saharaui and the reconstruction of the released zones, among others. Original author and source of the article..