Night Rest

' while the family of Guto if moved for another place where the favorable inspirer/was the water and shade of Nativas' Guto after to rest the afternoon, took off the Night to write on its first day, where it thanked that moment and anxiously it waited the morning to arrive to continue its day. To the Guto dawn it eats some fruits of its luggage and collects plus others of the forest where it rested during the night. After to walk to some time stops in one vilarejo and asks for food and drink, well is received and after to receive offerings continues the trip where it starts to perceive a climate and different vegetation which already had seen and in this place the Sun seemed to wait behind each hill that passed the peoples/tribes/huts/plants and animals were new for Guto, but for it that very glad age therefore seemed that it was each time more close to reaching its Objective. Guto already did not find a forest to rest and yes a cave where it passed three nights if feeding of fish, the Moon was full and Guto believed that Nomadic the full moon was Signal to rest to keep them energy, to feed itself and only to rest, but it wrote on those moments, detailing: places peoples and its proper State of Spirit something never written by its people. To the Guto dawn it continues its day, it had passed for places never imagined By it. To the dawn the Sky of apparent stars a drum sound clinked and gradual he was extended, infecting and from a vocabulary, language sound never heard by Guto, it was not moved away and nor if it intimidated witnessed if that ceremony, started to tell in its daily and without perceiving it was in the wheel if seating to the side of the experienced masters Uruc Gentlemen as it was called if it felt glad and at the same time instigated to continue following the Sun.