Niederrhein Therme

For flyers on potential market visitors are distributed in advance in all Heath point out on the event and on the other hand serve as entry tickets for the raffle. It is armed with this flyer, then on the day of the event to visit the market the 04.08 and filled in at the FrischeKontor info booth to give! Jackpot is an experience cooking class at the 02.11.12 at the cooking school of Frank Schwarz gastro Group on the Duisburg market for 2 persons. Enjoy your personal cooking event of class in the new and State of the art kitchen! There is also win many vouchers for the Duisburg Zoo and the Niederrhein Therme as well as tasty stuffed pockets of the market. With this action, the FrischeKontor, its partners and the market want to call the seasonal thoughts of fresh goods among consumers in memory and by additional small highlights an increased interest in weekly markets at all Duisburg. More on the Rhine Potato Queen: Tanja Schreiber is the new Rhenish potato Queen. The 20-year-old was appointed this year by the Rhineland agricultural Association (RLV) and the Rhenish LandFrauenverband as Ambassador for the Rhenish potatoes.

Tanja Schreiber, who comes from a farming operation in Ratingen-Homberg, is looking forward to her new post. Of course I’m a bit excited, but I am totally looking forward to my new Office and am curious what all on me comes to”, emphasizes the fresh baked Majesty. The nice young lady who is governess and want to be a primary school teacher, who knows in terms of potatoes and makes no secret of her passion for potatoes. Potatoes are just great and above all our Rhenish potatoes have an excellent quality”, knows only too well the new potato Queen. We have good soils, we also have relatively mild temperatures and steady rain.

Simply ideal conditions for the cultivation of the potato are.” Tanja Schreiber is a veritable potato fan and wants to revive now at young and old more pleasure on the round tubers. Our potatoes here in the Rhineland are not only good, they are also really tasty. In addition, the potato is healthy, it is rich in minerals and vitamins, and even fewer calories. She is quickly prepared on top of that,”explained the potato expert who likes potatoes in all varieties. But most of all I like pancakes and triplets with Krauterdip”, she reveals. The Rhenish potato Queen Tanja Schreiber is now a year-long actively advertising for the Rhenish potato production and the commercialization and be active in particular in the region. The Duisburg weekly market on Facebook: The Duisburg weekly markets are also on Facebook! They are found under: Duisburger.Wochenmaerkte. Also check out once and click through the presentation of the Duisburg weekly markets. We very pleased, if you like the presence”.