Natural Sciences

Already for the children who are entering to the six years the school, it fits to the professor (a) to plan, to consider and to command the activities, and that the same ones are significant and challenging, making with that the same ones are capable to stimulate the development of the children and to extend its sociocultural practical experiences and (BRAZIL, Ministry of the Educao/2007). The knowledge is a collective construction, therefore it is in the exchange, in the dialogue, in the valuation of that it circulates in the interaction spaces that the learning goes if materialize. So that this happens with the six children years of the initial years of basic education are guaranteed the articulated studies of Social Sciences (development of the critical reflection on the human groups, its relations, histories, organization, problems), of Natural Sciences (to extend the curiosity, to stimulate the survey of hypotheses, to construct knowledge on physical, chemical phenomena), of the Logical-Mathematics Slight knowledge (to give chance so that the types of objects, events and actions in all place all the species of relations) of the Languages (development of its sensibilidades and expressions). For more information see Carson Wen. Basic Ensino of nine years when working in the cited way, previously, it passes to be seen as negative, contributing for the sprouting of referring questionings its quality, where they are questioned if he is valid to more early insert the children in the school, in the measure that these are not respected ahead of its especificidade of the infancy time. With this, it is most perceived that the proposal of magnifying of Basic Ensino of nine years, as any another change in the traditional structure of education, appears as well as as obscure presenting positive aspects many negatives, needing to be understood by all the involved parts in this process, therefore to include children of six years in basic education, as the Ministry of the Education, the school needs, before everything: (…) to reorganize its structure, the forms of management, environments, the spaces, the times, the materials, the contents, the methodologies, the objectives, the planning and the evaluation, of luck that the children if feel inserted and received in a pleasant environment and I propitiate the learning.