Mr Jurgen Wonke

This is because our survival artist due to evolutionary in turn. These stores now increasingly back the calories in his fat. To do so, one must not even eat in abundance. The body is still on the back burner by the diet. He added muscles, and the basal metabolic rate is reduced.

The common is that can enlarge a fat cell 200fach and this is not enough, reached it shall be also. Why is this happening? The body creates repositories for a rainy day. He has just a famine behind. So get in the fold of the abdomen thus building fat in case of the lack of food as the last reserve can be mobilized. In addition, the visceral fat is formed (“from lat.

viscera the guts”) referred to that in vertebrates, so also we humans, in the free abdomen stored fat, which the internal organs, especially of the digestive system, at the same time enveloped. It is not directly visible in contrast to the subcutaneous fatty tissue, but is noticeable from a certain amount by increasing the volume of the stomach. Also this retention evolutorisch originally served as energy reserve in extreme food shortages.