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Tell them what you would expect from their work as soon as assess their state of affairs today that they are doing right, how will you encourage that employees were able to present a picture of what is happening, you should try to separate organizational Vision of their specific job goals and objectives. After all, people want to know in what direction the organization is developing and how this movement may affect their individual goals. You have to keep them informed of any changes. Gain insight and clarity with Edward Durrell Stone. The more information you give employees, the more they will believe in the power of his respect.

When companies have to tighten their belts tighter and cut the budget, it is often leadership forgets about the needs of their employees, thereby showing its contempt for nim.Esli you have to turn to staff to mobilize forces to work more and better, do not forget about balance between work and personal life. Today, most people try to combine work with family and socializing with friends. This does not mean that they are not loyal to the company, which employs. According to proponents of the need to live-work balance can stay in the office all night to complete the project, may perform the work at home, but they are unlikely to want to sacrifice family for work. Use kindness and unselfishness of these employees are constantly not worth it. Much better and wiser in this case to establish a flexible schedule people feel self-respect, they will be loyal to the difficulties faced by native .meaning each worker day.