Monster High Clawdeen Wolf

Big disappointment: Every morning when I rise up, my father smiles and shouts, 'It is alive! ". Favorite subject in school: History. It's great because it helps me see where my friends. Unloved subject in school: Swimming. I usually short, and start talking stupid when wet. Favorite color: Black and white stripes.

Favorite food: Since I'm only 15 days, and all that I've tried so far, it's better than ever! LDN: Claudine Woolf (Clawdeen Wolf) and Drakulaura (Draculaura). Biography Claudine Woolf Who is: Dance Committee of the moonlight (Moonlight Dance Commitettee) Age: 15 Parent Monster: Werewolf. Bag: Monster High Clawdeen Wolf killer style: I'm a strong woman of fashion no-frills. I also gorgeous, frightening and totally faithful to his friends. Bizarre flaw: My hair shampoo and deserve it only that which grows on the legs. Plucking and shaving, of course, takes a full working day, but it is a small fee for that, that fabulously frightening. Pet: Crescent (Crescent) terribly cute and fluffy kitten like me.

Hobby: Shopping and flirting with guys! Big disappointment: I hate when most of my brothers and sisters are in school at the same time as me. They are annoying, embarrassing and know how to pull my nerves. Oh, and Cleo de Nile. Favorite subject in school: Economy. One day I plan to have his own fashion house, and I want to know so much about business as about fashion. Unloved subject in school: Physical Education. It is only because they do not allow me to wear my heels.