Marco Antonio

For example, how many times you put excuses (external, obviously) of what was happening to you in life? It is the fault of my parents, it is the fault of my children, it is the fault of my teacher, the President, of God (and the list could go on for a long time). Another example (this is very common also): you think that one of your employees is stealing. Indeed, you can imagine him several times in the day taking money, counting on his hands, and even read their thoughts: my boss (or you) is a real jerk. While it pays me a salary for work, I would also Rob! JA, ja, ja, ja! laughs which possessed, grasping the stomach. Notice how here we have various elements that we see with greater depth in the course of NLP:.

Visual elements (really, in your mind, what are watching how steal you, ves movements, colors, expressions of his face, etc). . hearing items (you can hear how laughs, for example). kinesthetic elements (or touch). an internal element of fear (you is making look like an idiot, which directly attacks your ego).

How do you act with him? You treat it in the same way as other employee who you think it is true? You look the same way? You appreciate it equal? He thinks the example and honestly responds before you continue reading. However, after a few days see a video where that is taking the missing money in the box is, in reality, your wife. He was not that stole: how you feel now? Here you see clearly how the thinking generates really powerful sensations in your body, and how your actions are conditioned by your thoughts (in this case, wrong). In the same way that this example was generated negative reactions, you can learn to use this powerful weapon to improve in your life. Important: I’m not saying you’re a positive fool (in other words, denier of reality) but that I want to see how you have the power (you’re the director of your film, remember?) reinterpret reality, give it a different look, so generate in your body, in your physiology, feelings and positive sensations. To learn how to do this, I invite you to use the techniques of visualization and self motivation you will find in this link. Moral: Don’t have sense to discuss with the characters of the film, the problem is the director. Become the director of your life. You can convert the worst drama in a dramatic comedy, at least! It is so difficult and so easy as you get to think about it and look at it that way. Seeing the situation as you do now is just a thought (a nightmare or a good sleep). If you change your mind, internally, you will manage to change the external. Devote time to this, get a moment for you during the day, and applies techniques of visualization and see results in a very short time. As Marco Antonio, another subscribed to the newsletter that also commented this reflection says: () keep my mind positive () worked me in a crisis: be patient and be vigilant to check that what happened () put me in action and try again, with past experience () hope you have an excellent end weekend! Affections!