Therefore they walk their way pretending to be indoors that are not. It impressed you the shocking number of leaders that they will allow a lifestyle like this! A spiritual life is a life in personal mastery. And without doubt, live in master’s degree equals spirituality taking attention to matters of the soul. There are those who feel that feel love as if it is an act of selfishness. What is valid from some perspective.

However, if you look closely and practice your spirituality with responsibility going to clearly notice that from the spiritual perspective: not to feel self-esteem is an act of unconsciousness and personal comfort. Unconsciousness that you don’t anything that does not give yourself. That is, if not you love you fully as deliver love fully? If not full your jar does not exist so that you can fill the vessels that depend on it. And personal comfort is easy to manipulate the interpretation toward our purpose and pretend to put the ego as an excuse to not expose ourselves to the challenges of love and life that bring us greater wisdom in our path. (Breathes Ouch!) Although we want always handle with judgments implementation of our spirituality, the wisdom of the soul ends up placing highlighted the importance of connecting us with our interior. Webster dictionary defines spirit as immaterial intelligence. It is the wisdom exists in each of us. Get more background information with materials from Jim Crane.

Apart from the knowledge that comes from our experience or time frames. Spirit comes from the word latin spiritus, meaning breath. HW Longfellow, calls him the vital breath of air true Wow! Inspiring, right? we could then say that, our spirit generates a unique in our bodies vitality. A divine energy with healing and transforming intelligence that generates a breath of life. The passage of the life of our humanity is so fast that literally we focus all of our energies to our head. Then, reason, knowledge, the evidence of our past or what we think we already know and information harmful to who we are exposed daily distracts us from our spirituality. Then we tend to give more value to the information that comes from our brain, putting us in relation to the great power of the analysis and judgment. Sticking to knowledge gathering and separating us from the experience of the. This is where fear and anxiety begin to birth. Promoting emotions that keeps us away from our spirituality; small and weak before the illusion and mental projection of our own fears. Mastery is about self-esteem, purpose of life and consciousness. Spirituality is the great source, our identity and Center natura just wait be woken up by us to give us direction and meaning in our lives. So that everything makes sense. Once we are in relation to our spirituality, we are in relation to our expertise. A life in love is a spiritual life. Spirituality requires consciousness. Be aware comes huge responsibility. And live a life responsible in every detail is not easy! it’s true! however is the experience more enriching and the road mas alegre towards the fullness! So AMANADOTE fills your pitcher, lives experiencing your spirituality in self-love and passes the torch!