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Main article: Law of the Basque Foral
Distribution of municipalities by the Basque-speaking areas, mixed and non-Basque-speaking.
Castilian and Basque (Euskera) are defined as second languages of Navarra Foral Law 18/1986, of December 15, the Basque. According to this law, the Navarra Linguistic divided into three zones, Basque-speaking ( majority use of Basque), mixed and non-Basque-speaking (the majority use Castilian).
Castilian is official throughout the community. Basque or Basque is a co-official languages of the Basque-speaking area. The Law of the Basque additionally includes a number of provisions to ensure the use of Basque in the mixed zone, while in the non-Basque-speaking Asset Management area, the government funds of Navarra have only obligation to serve in Castilian.
The list of the 109 communes .