Lighting Bounce

Specificity of the genre defines the artist's attention (and viewers) to the structure and details of volume and texture of the surface image problem. Objectives Still-life painting as a genre can not be reduced to an expression of symbols to solve problems or decorative accurate fixation of the objective world, although these problems are largely contributed to the formation of still life, and his images are often characterized by richness of association, a bright decorative and fidelity illusory nature. Under exposed – a condition in which the film falls into the insufficient amount of light. As a result, get 'thin' negative, slide, or a dark dirty gray print. (Not to be confused with Boyhood!). Nu (French nu – nude, naked), or act (German Akt) – a genre of fine arts dedicated to naked (male and female) body. Significant place in the nude occupied with nude erotic orientation (erotic).

Normal or Standard lens – this lens, lets get the picture image with the prospect of close to how it treats the eye rights. Focal length of a normal (regular) lens focal length less telephoto or telephoto lens and lens focal length wide-angle lens. Lighting Bounce flash: flash light or lamp, reflected from a surface (eg, from the ceiling or walls), and ensure that the benefits of natural lighting. Lens – this is one or more lens elements made from special optical glass or plastic, intended to generate a sharp image on photographic film, photographic paper or on the projection screens. Panchromatic – a characteristic of films that can detect the color in the entire range of the visible spectrum as it takes the human eye, ie, with the same ratio of relative brightness, which is a subject.