Kosmos Reality

Set the twelve principles explained in the education of the heart, referring to the practicality, in a community of learning, also, with small modifications for teaching purposes, refers to the map provided by Wilber on the historical development of consciousness in human beings and the corresponding culture, is evident the need for spiritual awakening in the quantum leap of consciousness that humans needed to perform on his experience in the Kosmos. Learning communities are usually channels where the individual recovers his dignity and his subject, for him and for his similar status. American Journal of Education can provide more clarity in the matter. The integration of this community speaks of the four quadrants, which integrates subjectivity and objectivity in the kosmos and in the individual. 4 Levels of reality that gives us four quadrants allows to integrate properly, not confused, the subjective with the objective, external with internal mix, either, reject them, merge them or fragmenting them, if not integrated into the whole are, locate and properly use the techniques, methods, concepts epistemologies, assessments for each quadrant, etc., and avoid categorical errors; communities are the space that is required for true meaningful learning, the integration of the three areas of reality of the individual product: classroom, street and home. For assistance, try visiting Joy Winbourne. Pedagogy of Universal Love in this book in the first place speaks of holistic education as the new proposal that the world needs in the evolutionary transition of humanity in this turn of the century, then shows how to repair planetary damage as an alternative to the response of a search for sustainable societies, the road of return and recovery of lost household,, the fertilizer for flowering of universal love. As it is showing us our umbilical cord with our peers, our connection with nature, with the planet, with the Kosmos, is the guide or transport that takes us inside ourselves, to inner spirituality, pedagogy of universal love we need to return to the source, is the way to be, to be, feelAct, relate fully, internally and externally, in the different areas of our reality and at all levels, individually and universally in the whole development of our life.