The “hard” Criteria as far less of a role than the IWWB study even suggests fast searching and limits of information, a comfortable operability, the large size of the course offer, all playing good comparability of offers, sufficient information about the providers, the quality of the courses and the provider for the attractiveness of an education portal in the future. Not because it was not important. On the contrary. It is assumed but for a good continuing education portal as a matter of course, as standard. New and future-oriented is that the Web users increasingly value set to ‘soft’ criteria. They would like more transparency, more and above all very individual consultation and aftercare and they expect that the portals, providers and educational institutions more closely align their commitment. In addition, they want in the portals introduce more own content directly with other participants, operators, entering contact seminar providers and educational institutions. The future of education portals is thus especially dialogical, Interactive.

The results in the individual that wish the Web user in the future by a training portal: an online consultation (video conference): operator and provider of seminars contact the Web user in the direct online dialogue and discuss his educational desires with him, to find individually offer. More assessment options: The request procedure, the courses themselves, the consulting services can be assessed from Web users. So get other Web visitors in advance helpful information. More communication, more networking: The Web-user can put their personal questions on the topic of education in the Web and receive a response within a short time by the responsible institutions (universities, employment office, Chamber of Commerce, VHS, provider etc.). More participation: Users want in educational communities and groups to get together the option, to deal with other participants in education to Exchange or to learn together. More up to date: The user can retrieve latest news, reviews, articles about education also sorted by topics on request or as subscribed newsletter.

A greater standardization of standard functions: The various continuing education database to agree, for example, on a common booking system, in the “real” and not can be booked with alibi requests. Greater transparency: The availability of seminars will be shown directly (similar to flight bookings). There is also the note whether a provider has also an online aftercare program at each offer. More E-learning: a wider E-offering of learning wishes Web users to educate themselves regardless of time and place. “Should the results confirm our study in further investigations, so much more work comes to the training database”, commented the Managing Director of Seminarboerse.de GmbH, Gunter Willems. The Seminarboerse.de GmbH is a central concern, to start an exchange of views on the future shape of education portals. We would like to invite all those who want to engage in this dialogue, to join. To tell us your thoughts at.