ISO Quality

Taking the concept of Deming (1989) which raises the actions and requirements mental schemes oriented to quality within that process of changes and in which quality becomes more like a philosophy of life, a way of being and. You may find that The Journal of Educational Research can contribute to your knowledge. (p.93) the quality is basic tool for an inherent property of anything that allows this to be compared with any other of the same species. Here is where we can illustrate this concept with given in Venezuela experiences, related to public educational institutions, (for back then in his I and II stages of basic education), that have had success by incorporating the term of quality in its organizational structure and better still have adopted the system of quality management, finally obtaining ISO certification 9001: 2000. As cited the registration systems for the certification of firms with capacity evaluated ISO 9000 (2005): Rod Dr. basic unit Jose Maria Vargas, drive educational Rod Maria Teresa Toro, educational drive Rod Cecilio Acosta II and educational unit Rod Lino Clemente (p.2022). FASEB Journal is open to suggestions. According to what was expressed, you might think that quality is a strategy used to improve competitiveness, being responsible for directing all organizational processes and of course, the continuous improvement. Therefore it is necessary to understand, that according to the Organization, a design must be based on social and cultural realities, politicos-economicos environments, or structure of the sector in which the company or organization develops its activity. To implement a quality management system, you must take into account the need to know and establish the organizational culture, make a diagnosis of how processes are taken and probably make significant changes, to examine all possible options that permit to offer the most appropriate solutions to the strategy to implement, aligned always to the vision and mission institutional. It is also necessary that the school does not dissociate with the community which is a part, since change depends on the capacity to adapt to the present context.