Holistic Education

With these readings holistas can realize the problems of humanity, participate of ideas that originate them, and even more, convince us that the holistic education proposals are adequate and that’s what you need to do to qualify for a prospective friendly. But how to do it? It is the big question. In all his books on holistic education, Dr. Ramon Gallegos touches this problem, either obliquely or directly; either responding to the totality of the individual or the social totality either confining education holistic, within the educational system. Fragmentation in the educational system can be expressed as disconnection, which are born learning without meaning.

Despite the fact that since many years back is talk of comprehensive education this not you can get while its multiple tiers are ignored and dimensions; Therefore, the training of tables that spread this vision and that is part of the educational work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos is required. Part of the training given in this order of boxes is the become members of learning communities and make a learning community of each class group. Aspirational later, is coming to form communities of learning’s highest levels. Learning communities transforming schools into learning communities is the title of one of the books that I have enjoyed within my holistic training. Inattention and action of forming these communities, develops and integrates the holistas concepts in this specific task. The learning process has to be in learning communities that are also all levels. The levels are: classroom, school, region or community, the geopolitical zones and the individual. Learning communities should not be thought of as the physical areas but as the Group of people that comprise it; Neither these groups social must think with a predominance of social on the individual but as a balance between the two. It must be borne in mind that the individual is the essence of any social construction and that the community, before dissolving the individual, strengthens it.