Germany SchoolTrends

schoolTrends – ideas in terms of school clothing BURGTHANN – your new school T-shirt was presented to students of the secondary school. A year ago, a contest was held where the school logo painted by pupils of the secondary school was selected. The design of colour took over the graphic Department of the company schoolTrends from Dusseldorf, which specializes in the production of school uniforms, school uniforms and school shirts now. Peter Visnjevski – Managing Director of the company schoolTrends – presented the first T-Shirt with the school’s logo. The color of the school shirt is navy blue and the logo is yellow and green – held in the colors of Burgthanns -. This logo is ticked on each shell. School shirts promote the sense of community, therefore welcomes the Hauptschule Burgthann, if as many pupils and students showing their allegiance to the school wearing their school shirts at Burgthann.

Company profile: schoolTrends schools offering the opportunity as one of the first companies in Germany, a image-neutral school clothes. This has the advantage that no existing brand image is transferred to the school and the school clothing embodies only the image of the school, because she is only produced for schools and offered them. schoolTrends objective to make the institution school into a largely markenfreien area and supports the schools in all questions relating to the topic of school clothes and school uniforms starting with the on-site consulting, production and integrated support in the day-to-day operations of the school. Professionally, quickly and reliably used.