Florence Study Italian

Do you want to learn Italian from a fantastic holiday in Florence? Here are a few tips to help you choose your language school in the Tuscan capital. In order to learn Italian, should be seriously, so the following schools have a 2 and 4 hours daily courses (like if you want to learn, have fun and visit the tourist attractions in Florence and surroundings, is best to choose the option of 2 hours). American filmmaker pursues this goal as well. For accommodation, you don’t have to worry, you can include it directly in each of the courses proposed the following schools, and can live with a family or renting an apartment in Florence with your fellow students. I hope that this review will help the italianofilos who want to find a good Italian language school in Florence. 1. Center Internazionale Studenti Giorgio La Pira Via of Pescioni 3 area Florence Palazzo Strozzi El Centro Internazionale Studenti Giorgio La Pira is one of the best schools you can find. The teachers you will teach a lots of grammar and vocabulary and will be raising the bar every day.

The teachers are great and in addition to feel well, you will notice that you learn. Best thing about this school is that even the price is worthwhile. Not find any courses a month cheaper in Florence. The teachers are very educated and its only aim is that you learn and speak Italian. Classes are small and very diversified. Another interesting thing is that you will know people from all over the world. 2 Lorenzo de Medici Via Faenza, 43 zone Florence San Lorenzo this language school has campuses in Florence, Rome and Tuscania.

In addition to language courses, they offer a vast range of possibilities in various subjects. This school is rather oriented to receive students from American universities, giving them credits. This school is very well organized.