Czech Republic Higher Education

According to CEO Studentur (Studentur) Dmitry Sapozhnikov studying in the Czech Republic in many respects more favorable than in other European countries, judge for yourself: pay for private universities is about 2,000 euros per year of study in the Czech Republic (which much cheaper than in the universities of other countries, including the universities of Moscow). At public universities in the Czech language training free of charge. Unlike many other countries, the Czech education system recognizes the diplomas of the Russian high school that allows you to enter the Czech university immediately after high school. Nike will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Entrants will certainly be interested to know that the cost of living in the Czech Republic is ten times lower than in Western Europe. Moreover, in many cities Russia to live a much more expensive than in Prague and Ostrava. In 2010, the Czech Republic there are 26 public and 32 private university.

In the Czech public universities and foreign students study free of charge, provided that training is carried out on Czech. Many state universities offer training programs taught in English, the latter reaches the value of 20,000 euros for some faculties. In private universities of Czech education has always paid, typically a half to two and a half thousand euros, which agree quite accessible. To enter the free compartment, in the opinion of specialists Studentur (Studentur), a Czech public universities is not easy, because firstly very much wanting, in the second entry on the basis of competitive tests. According to the statistics come from about 30 to 60% of applicants, depending on the university and faculty. .